I’m an ex-professional film actor turned screenwriter / novelist. More information on me can be found at ThatActionGuy.com.


The reason I set up this blog is that – in my virtual travels – I come across articles on writing and filmmaking all the time; most of which I end up emailing to the various (novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker) friends I have dotted around the world. And so I thought, rather than just doing that, why not just keep them in one place on the net so all interested writers and filmmakers can find them? From time to time I’ll also be making personal comments on this blog about various elements of the craft, so feel free to bookmark the site or email the LINK THE PAGE to your fellow writers.

(If you come across an article on writing or filmmaking you think I should post, or else you are a writer or filmmaker yourself with an article you’d like me to re-post for you here, just drop me an email with the link to the story)

Please take the time to follow the links to the original article, which you will always find at the bottom of the posts. Because where there’s one great article for you to read, there’ll no doubt be more!

Note: if you’re the author of one of the posts and don’t wish to have it on the blog (and don’t need the extra traffic to your site that comes with the link back to your original post), please just drop me a quick email and I will of course delete it immediately.

Oh, and so far as your writing goes…don’t let anyone crush your dreams. Because it’s your dreams that define you. So ignore the neigh-sayers. Burn the rejection letters on a pyre of positive thinking. Concentrate on the one thing you can control: your craft. Work hard at that. Learn something about it each and every day. Read voraciously. And remember, you only need one ‘yes’ to make a lifetime of ‘nos’ completely irrelevant.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, the more people read, the better the world becomes. And for people to read…some Joe has to hunch over a keyboard for months on end to write something.

No reason that Joe shouldn’t be you… 🙂