Let’s just apply, for a moment (and for the hell of it) some screenplay wisdom, to novels.

A scene in a screenplay exists for one of two reasons: a) to propel the narrative, and b) to reveal character. With the great scenes doing both. Let’s go further by defining a ‘scene’ as a moment in time and space. In other words, if the scene is two guys catching up for the first time for 20 years since college, and they’re sitting in a diner back in the town where they grew up (for example). That’s a single SCENE. If they leave the diner and drive off to a local watering hole, it’s a new scene because the LOCATION has changed. If they ‘flashback’ mid-scene so we (the audience) are transported to them sitting in the same seats in the same diner, back when they were 17, it’s a new scene because the TIME has changed.

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