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Groovy bit of software that allows you to import Movie Magic and Final Draft screenplay files onto the web so you can work on them remotely (or so multiple writers can collaborate on a project from remote locations).  Very nifty idea.



Zhura was founded in early 2007 in the spirit of Web 2.0. With a clear understanding that Internet connectivity is ubiquitous and online storage and bandwidth are secure and plentiful, Zhura has taken aim at an underserved market – screenwriters.The advantages of web-based applications are obvious – no software to install, no updates to keep track of, easy portability, and automatic off-site backup of data. Screenwriting, in particular, enjoys significant benefits from this architecture. By hosting the software online, we are able to offer easy and intuitive collaborative features. Users can work privately as they do today, collaborate with a few friends, or even collaborate with the entire web community. We automatically manage revision history and maintain a record of authorship. Also, by offering a web-based application, we can easily reach a diverse population of writers and build a dynamic community that is not possible with traditional screenwriting applications.Many of the collaborative features we bring to scriptwriting are adopted from those that have been used in the software community for years. As engineers, we have a unique opportunity to introduce these tools to screenwriters and create new ones as our platform evolves. We are passionate about the creative process and it is our pleasure to bring some of this new technology to the screenwriting market.Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Zhura employs innovators in software development, social networking, and Web 2.0. Our team has deep roots in start-up environments focused on Internet infrastructure technologies and consumer application software.



Brian M Logan

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