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Great MP3 / Audio interview with Charlie Kaufman by Jason Tanz over at Wired (which rocks by the way, you should check them out). It’s part of an experiment by the magazine to show the complete process from the assignment of a feature to the journo’s tapes to the edited final print version.


Apologies for breaking the chronology, but it took us a while to get this together. Below, audio of my complete 2.5-hour-or-so interview with Kaufman, which took place on August 13. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but as you’ll see, Kaufman was an incredible interview—generous, candid, and funny. This conversation provided the bulk of the material for my draft. (NB: Kaufman is not involved with this blog in any way, but was kind enough to grant us permission to post this interview. It has been very lightly edited.)

[Special note to readers who have jumped directly to this page: Welcome! This is part of an experiment in which we are posting everything that goes into the making of a Wired profile of Kaufman, which will run in our November issue. If you like this interview, you also might want to spend some time checking out the rest of the site — including the rough draft, the first edit, and early design discussions. Enjoy!]

Part One
Synecdoche, New York; Kaufman’s reputation for reclusiveness; the media

Part Two
Making Synecdoche; directing; working with Spike Jonze on Being John Malkovich

Part Three
Strange loops, paradoxes and logic; Las Vegas, Las Vegas; neuroscience

Part Four
Kaufman’s career, from sitcoms to Adaptation

Part Five
Taking risks; Philip K. Dick


Brian M Logan

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