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So there I was thinking, ‘Oh great, a James Cameron interview on his new film ‘Avatar’ I can re-post for everyone to read’.  Except when I follow the link I find out that, no, not only can’t I re-post it, but I can’t even READ it.  Yup, that’s right, an article that exists for the sole purpose of PROMOTING A FILM, is only available IF YOU BUY IT.  You heard me right.  An article given by a filmmaker to help create an early ‘buzz’ for his new movie is being sold for…wait for it wait for it: $12.00 plus GST (wouldn’t want to forget the GST now would we?).

Well you know what I say?  F*ck ’em (that’s Sun Media, not Jim Cameron – because he more than most understands that the more ‘buzz’ a film gets on the internet, the better it does at the box office). Because if they think fans like you or I are going to PAY for the pleasure of helping create a ‘buzz’ for a movie, then they’ve got another thing coming.

This is the print equivalent of pay-per-view.  It’s not the same as paying to subscribe to a newspaper on-line (which I have no problem with whatsoever).  This is CHARGING YOU TO READ A SINGLE ARTICLE.  And it is insidious in the extreme.

Below is the ‘information’ I was confronted with when following their ‘link’ to the so called ‘story’.


Bigger than Titanic?  Director Cameron says his next film, Avatar, far beyond anything he has ever done. James Cameron famously crowned himself “king of the world” after his epic film Titanic swept the Oscars a decade ago.

The story you are searching for is available in its entirety via email, fax or mail for $12.00 (plus GST), payable with credit card (include expiry date).

Just call the Sun Media Greedy Fat Bastards Research Centre at 416-LIKE-I’M-REALLY-GOING-TO-PROMOTE-THESE-TWATS with information about the story and supply the following:

Name of credit card, number and expiry date on card

Your name, mailing address and phone number (we will mail or fax you a receipt).

E-mail address or fax number.

Cheques or money orders can be mailed with your request to:

Sun Media Greedy Fat Bastards Research Centre



Brian M Logan

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